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Fragrance plays an essential role in our lives. Have you ever smelled a scent and immediately evoked a memory from some point in your life? Have you ever felt stressed, and looked for a calming scent to help improve your mood? We have, and that’s why our brand was created – to help you get happy through the power of fragrance.

When it comes to home fragrance, you can have it all. We were tired of choosing between all-natural products so weak you could barely smell them or chemical-filled products with toxic ingredients that claim to last longer. We believe in fragrance without compromise - no parabens or phthalates, no cheap paraffin wax.

At Croft Candle, our fragrances are designed by masterful experts using a concentrated scent to last longer. Translation: you can actually smell them. Trust us, they will fill your entire room. Plus, we use soy wax infused with essential oils so you can breathe easily.

Croft Candles are hand-poured, high-quality soy candles with organic hemp wicks. Each candle contains a bible verse on the back to enrich your soul and share with others

Local customers can visit Croft Candle Co. by appointment Monday thru Friday to sample over 50 different fragrances!  Please call 502-496-3362

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